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Welcome to Richard Smith & Associates Tax Preparation and Consulting firm in San Jose, CA.

If you are looking for a blend of personal service and expertise, you have come to the right place! We offer a broad range of services for business owners, executives and independent professionals. Our rates are affordable. We are experienced and we're friendly.

Richard Smith & Associates is a family based accounting firm located in the heart of Silicon Valley. It was formed based on a Richard’s vision, over 30 years ago, to fill a niche providing expert accounting and tax minimization services for real estate investors, high tech professionals, and business owners.

Providing a wide variety of accounting, tax, and financial management services, the firm thrives today with a reputation for accurate tax preparation, attention to detail, and providing professional advice to clients particularly during life events that can have a financial impact if not handled correctly. This is a partnership with each client, a lifetime relationship, if you will, and the firm endeavors to make each and every client secure in the knowledge that they can focus on business knowing that the tax side of things is taken care of. Essentially Richard Smith & Associates makes tax season pain free, and no longer the grueling annual event with their help and oversight. This security comes from the firm’s dedication of time and resources to ongoing professional education, state of the art security technology to ensure that your financial information is easily accessible to them in electronic format, and secure.

New clients are welcome. Referrals are appreciated.

4030 Moorpark Ave., Suite 245
San Jose, CA 95117

Phone: (408) 446-5551
Fax: (408) 446-5601

We also have our satellite office in Campbell

Our Campbell office is located at:

1500 E. Hamilton Ave., Suite 202
Campbell, CA 95008

Phone: (408) 377-9703
Fax: (408) 377-9709

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